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Fleet Tracking GPS

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Fleet Tracking

What is Fleet Tracking?

Using vehicle tracking devices, business can gain information and manage all aspects of their fleets:

  • Save fuel
  • increase efficiency
  • deliver customers timely information
  • solve problems
  • monitor driving styles and pattern

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Keeping Road Costs Down

Your fleet management budgets are limited since we all know that diesel fuels are high. Diesel fuel expenses are just hitting your fleet fueling costs as well as some expenditure related to oil products. For instance, tire company Bridgestone just augmented a twelve percent boost in fleet companies tire cost effective right away. For the reason that increased costs in raw materials and energy costs which is leading the way to your fleet management programs costing you more to get the tires rolling down the highway.

There are solutions to lower the prices with the increasing diesel fuel prices. Here is a short list:

  • During the year, it is more likely to go higher while diesel fuel prices will remain at the levels. A lot of fuel analyzers think we will see fleet fueling prices at a nationwide level above $3.60. Through an outsourced fuel management firm you could lessen that blow with a fuel management system. To name a few, let us take a closer look at fleet cards, fuel cards, mobile fueling, fleet credit card services, fuel inventory management.
  • Due to increases in diesel fuel additives will also increase since most raw materials that are from petroleum products plus the increased costs in delivery. It is better to order now prior to the scheduled increase and order a bigger supply so you can keep freight. It is advised to inquire about prepay discounts as well. It is an industry best practice to monitor relevant information about the changes in fuel pricing and to document it either in print or in a storage data sim cardof your mobile phones come in handy in capturing this pertinent information.
  • Your fleet management programs and crude oil price will be affected by lubes and Motor oil. To reduce cost you may use synthetic oils. You will reduce the number of change oils and yet increase your fleet management funds short term and also trim down the freight cost to have the products delivered to you and taken away. Likewise, fueling cost for those firms is getting higher.
  • As regards to tires that we have mentioned, let us make sure to keep them appropriately inflated. Tire pressure gauges are definitely a basic necessity for every truck in the fleet companies. Ensure the regular habit of monitoring the right tire pressure. You will definitely save fuel costs since low tire pressure consumes more as the truck slows down carrying the weight of the vehicle and thus increasing fuel budget of your fleet. Truck tires should be observed and inflated by every driver and make sure they are well trained. There is a tendency that drivers would not get it done when it is hard for them to do it.