Fleet Tracking

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Fleet Tracking GPS

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Fleet Tracking

What is Fleet Tracking?

Using vehicle tracking devices, business can gain information and manage all aspects of their fleets:

  • Save fuel
  • increase efficiency
  • deliver customers timely information
  • solve problems
  • monitor driving styles and pattern

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Getting the Best Insurance

It is an overwhelming task for your business in obtaining the right Fleet Insurance. Fleet owners can avail a standard insurance policy that a lot of insurance companies provide to companies. On the other hand, an insurance company can provide a cover against risk which your business is subjected to. It is important to include both the vehicle and the driver to the insurance policy.
There are 3 levels of coverage when choosing the right fleet insurance:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third-Party Only
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft

Damages sustained by an individual other than the lone workeremployed by the business is the protection covered by the Third-party insurance. The insurance company will protect you and your business from claims made by the third-party if in case your vehicle meets with a mishap that was your liability for the reason that, it is required by law that businesses acquire Third-party insurance.

With regard to insurance against damage caused to a Third-party if the vehicle happens to be stolen or is damaged because of fire is what Third-party fire and theft is all about. Your business is safe and protected from loss sustained by the third-party when your vehicle for instance is stolen and damages a vehicle of a third-party. Insures the vehicles against risks like crash, natural disaster, theft and vandalism are the coverage of which comprehensive insurance provides. Should you feel the premiums are too pricey because it covers majority of risks, you may avoid certain covers. That is why it is essential to ensure the understanding of the terms and conditions of the policy you have chosen.

A lot of fleet insurance firms will provide you wide-ranging cover on your insurance policy. It is recommended to discover the premiums charged in the insurance policy for the cover. You can prevent taking cover for the risk should your business is not subject to specific risk. Other fleet insurance companies also offer rooms on your insurance policy. Below are some of the extensions provided are:

  • Courtesy Cars
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Legal Expanse Insurance Cover
  • Breakdown Cover

Some customers are given add-on benefits by some insurance firms free of charge.