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Fleet Tracking GPS

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Fleet Tracking

What is Fleet Tracking?

Using vehicle tracking devices, business can gain information and manage all aspects of their fleets:

  • Save fuel
  • increase efficiency
  • deliver customers timely information
  • solve problems
  • monitor driving styles and pattern

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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

You will definitely understand how difficult and complicated business is when you are personally engaged in vehicle fleet management as well as the one accountable for the competence and value of a fleet of vehicles. Nowadays, with the onset of high technology there are devices that can manage, monitor and give radical changes to enhance fleet performance, specific vehicle information, vehicle tracking systems as well as GPS devices.

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a tough job whether you are answerable for 3 or 103 vehicles a fleet manager's role has never been trouble-free. You have to have with you a lot of important concerns which will you need. It is considered a really complicated job since you will take different matters into your hand such as the importance of health and safety, money-matters, preservation, fuel cost effectiveness, driver performance and accurate vehicle location all work together.

The bigger the fleet the more headaches you will be experiencing. Not only these fleet professionals make your fleet effective and more profitable in the process, it also makes your life simpler than ever. Indeed, the vehicle tracking system is the solution to the growing needs of fleet management. More so, the vehicle tracking systems serves as the guard dogs of your entire vehicle fleet.

There are various advantages of using Vehicle Tracking Systems. One of the benefits is GPS car tracking and vehicle tracking systems. It precisely measure, monitor and analyze vehicle and driver performance...

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Getting the Best Insurance

It is an overwhelming task for your business in obtaining the right Fleet Insurance. Fleet owners can avail a standard insurance policy that a lot of insurance companies provide to companies. On the other hand, an insurance company can provide a cover against risk which your business is subjected to. It is important to include both the vehicle and the driver to the insurance policy.
There are 3 levels of coverage when choosing the right fleet insurance:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third-Party Only
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft

Damages sustained by an individual other than the lone workeremployed by the business is the protection covered by the Third-party insurance. The insurance company will protect you and your business from claims made by the third-party if in case your vehicle meets with a mishap that was your liability for the...

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Keeping Road Costs Down

Your fleet management budgets are limited since we all know that diesel fuels are high. Diesel fuel expenses are just hitting your fleet fueling costs as well as some expenditure related to oil products. For instance, tire company Bridgestone just augmented a twelve percent boost in fleet companies tire cost effective right away. For the reason that increased costs in raw materials and energy costs which is leading the way to your fleet management programs costing you more to get the tires rolling down the highway.

There are solutions to lower the prices with the increasing diesel fuel prices. Here is a short list:

  • During the year, it is more likely to go higher while diesel fuel prices will remain at the levels. A lot of fuel analyzers think we will see fleet fueling prices at a nationwide level above $3.60. Through an outsourced fuel management firm you could lessen that blow with a fuel management system. To name a few, let us take a closer look at fleet cards, fuel cards, mobile fueling, fleet credit card services, fuel inventory management.
  • Due to increases in diesel fuel additives will also increase since most raw materials that are from petroleum products plus the increased costs in delivery. It is better to order now prior to the scheduled increase and order a bigger supply so you can keep freight. It is advised to inquire about prepay discounts as well. It is an industry best practice to monitor relevant information about the changes in fuel pricing and to document it either in print or in a storage data sim cardof your mobile phones come in handy in capturing this pertinent information.
  • Your fleet management programs and crude oil price will be affected by lubes and Motor oil. To reduce cost you may use synthetic oils. You will reduce the n...

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GPS and Fleet Management

In every given situation, there are two sides of the story. Vehicle fleet management is definitely not exempted. Experts like employee, employers and commentators have advised. There are a lot of advantages in using a fleet management service and likewise, attractive according to employer's point of view.

However, would it be that the inherent value of a vehicle fleet management service compensates the downside? Normally, a lot of benefits are on hand for the investor of this service business. Especially now that most of the fleet management services comes with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Through this device, it is simpler to monitor travel times and routes to better manage operational costs. Likewise, employers can put on hold a vehicle when they fear it has been stolen or when a driver reports its stolen by means of Remote Vehicle Disabling Systems. Vehicle drivers will experience the benefits of this technology. During an emergency, the driver may instantly be in touch with their company just by a push of a panic button that will direct to on the spot advice from the security office of the car is also assured since there is the possibility of disabling the vehicle if the need arise.

Fuel management, driver management and vehicle management information to help enhanced practice are from a schematics point of view. ...

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Ways to Reduce Your Fleet Management Budget

GPS Fleet Management is crucial to sustaining a well-organized operation to businesses that uses a fleet of vehicles in their daily operations. If you want to reduce your fleet management budget, then consider one of the most valuable advantages of using GPS. Companies have right to use a wide array of vehicle tracking utilities for just a small amount of hundred dollars for every GPS tracking unit. Thousands of dollars are saved annually in using this technology. Whether it is a process improvement of business operations, enhancing productivity, and tracking of vehicles, GPS fleet tracking systems is definitely a step forward to quality service.GPS Fleet Management saves money because of the following list of outlines:

Cutback in Fuel Utilization: The business will certainly save a lot of money when speed is monitored using a fleet tracking device since drivers are set to a speed limit. Destinations are easy to locate since a GPS tracking device will show the best routes to get them to their destination in the quickest time. Budget in fuel will of course be reduced. Likewise, a GPS fleet tracking system offers a variety of features such as real-time traffic status, Google maps, and even approaching alternative route and traffic jams. Shortest routes to destinations can be accessed by drivers by means of the GPS fleet tracking systems.

Sustaining Consistent Work Efficiency: Drivers using a GPS tracking device are more likely to record the right sum of work hours rendered instead of guessing or tacking an extra hour. This will prevent drivers to doctor daily time reco...

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